Kyle Alexander

I guess you could say I was bitten by the radio bug at a very young age.  I used to make my parents take me to all of the live broadcasts, call the request lines multiple times a day and even hosted my own countdown show in the living room! I was one of the lucky ones that got to begin my career in radio at 16 years old as a part-timer and intern (right here in this very same room.)  A decade and a half later, I’m thrilled to be back here doing mornings on Hanna Radio! I was born and raised right here in Central Pennsylvania!  So.. My diet naturally consists of Middleswarth Potato Chips, Tastycakes and chili dogs from The Squeeze In.  Can’t forget some Guers Iced Tea or Big Ben’s Soda (Orange Cream is my favorite) to wash it all down with! I love live music, racing (dirt tracks and NASCAR), Penn State Football….. and Philly Pro Sports (I’m a glutton for punishment sometimes.) Thanks for letting me keep you company during your morning commute on Hanna Radio!