Do You Remember The Pop Rocks Hoax?

Do You Remember The Pop Rocks Hoax?

Do You Remember The Pop Rocks Hoax?

“Mikie died from Life Cereal! Did you hear how?” Robyn, the girl across the street said to me one day.” “No! Not Mikie! I love the Life commercials?” I said. Robyn replied, “Never mix Pop Rocks and soda together, EVER! That’s how he died.”

I went home and told me mother who had a look of disbelief and horror wrapped on her face. “Um, I don’t think that could happen,” she said. “But Robyn said it’s true,” I replied.

Turns out Robyn and a whole lot of other people fed into the Urban Legend of Mikie and the Pop Rocks. That was 1979. It was such a big deal, a hoax of all hoaxes, well before social media, that the FDA actually set up a hotline for parents to call. General Foods, the company behind Pop Rocks took out full page ads to disclaim the hoax and assure parents their kids would not explode.

At one point, the papers we publishing a letter from the inventor himself to reassure parents their kids were safe. Let’s flash back together.

Let’s get a little nostalgic and even daring and mix those Pop Rocks and soda together today. 😉

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