Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

It all started out making “mix tapes” for kids in my hometown of Freeburg. I was the guy who mastered the art of smooth transitions between songs on those blank cassette tapes and business was good! I eventually grew into the friend who would carry the giant stereo system, CD’s, tapes and records into the party, just so we had tunes. I’m a chicken wings and a cold beer kind of guy. Pittsburgh Steelers football isn’t just a sport to me, its like an obsession and I love music. Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Tom Petty, Prince to the Temps and Beach Boys.
When I got a few hours of downtime, you’ll find me with my family, my wife Melissa, my little girl Alyson and of course our crazy dog Mazie.
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The Little Mermaid LIVE

The Little Mermaid LIVE

Get ready for a magical adventure under the sea! “The Wonderful World of Disney” will present The Little Mermaid Live on November 5th, 2019. John Stamos, Shaggy, Queen Latifah and more. Check out the teaser video!

picture above from Opps….The Navy has admitted that they can’t identify these flying objects and that this video should have never been released to the public. The incident occurred in December of 2017, when pilots filmed something flying with them.  Now, before we storm area 51, the  Navy says they just can’t ID the […]
Mustard Ice Cream.  It’s happening.

Mustard Ice Cream. It’s happening.

photo above from   Ask anyone.  Anyone at all what their favorite ice cream is and I would be willing to bet that not a single one will say French’s yellow mustard. A scoop of chocolate…vanilla or Strawberry always leads that pack…..until now.   According to People Magazine, the mustard ice cream will debut […]

June 29th Lewisburg Weis Markets Block Party and Fireworks

Join the Hanna Crew from the Lewisburg Weis Markets Saturday June 29 for food, fun and fireworks! Hanna will help celebrate with the Union County Veterans Committee at the block party. The festivities start at 5pm in the Lewisburg Weis Markets parking lot. Grab a great parking spot and kick back and watch a spectacular […]

2019 Fireworks

-June 14th Pine Grove Hose Hook and Ladder Fire Company #1 Fireworks (1 Orchard Street Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 17963) -June 15th Hegins Pa Fireworks (Hegins Park Stutzman DR Hegins PA) -June 22nd (Whitenights) Riverside PA Fireworks -June 28th Christ Wesleyan Chruch Fireworks 363 Stamm Rd, Milton PA -June 29th Wolfe Park in Lewisburg PA Fireworks […]