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Best Movie Songs of the 80s

80s movies and music go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. A website called came up with a list of the best 80s movie-song combinations and even ranked them.  Here are the results.   #10 (I think this one should be higher) Huey Lewis and the News from Back to the Future #9 Limahl […]

2020….Here are some things that turn 35 this year.

It’s just another list that has no purpose….but it could waste a few minutes of your workday! 2020 is in full swing.  However as a new year ticks on, some of our favorite things get a little older.  I came across this list of things that turn 35 this year.  It’s amazing how long they’ve […]

The Big Game is Set…..and so are a few commercials

Now that we know who will play in the Big Game Sunday February 2nd in Miami (Kansas City and San Francisco) it’s time to get ready for the commercial Hype. Do you remember some of those classic ads from the big game?  Like the Budweiser Frogs?   And the classic Coca-Cola Mean Joe Green commercial […]