Most Popular “Dad Dancing” Songs

Most Popular “Dad Dancing” Songs

Most Popular “Dad Dancing” Songs

37% of people say they have been embarrassed by their Dad’s Dancing sometime in their life.

30% of people say their father dances poorly just to embarrass them.


age 13 is the most common age when a father’s dancing becomes embarrassing for their child.


My 6 year old hasn’t seen me dance….mainly because I’m not really a dancer.  However, she has hit that stage where if I sing in the car, she’s the first one to say “Dad, stop it”.

Here are the most popular dad dancing songs…..

19. Stand By Me – Ben E King

18. Do the Conga- Black Lace

17. Purple Rain- Prince

16. Don’t you forget about me- Simple Minds

15. Satisfaction- The Rolling Stones

14. Thriller- Michael Jackson

13. La Macarena- Los Del Rio

12. Dancing on the Ceiling- Lionel Ritchie

11. Uptown Girl- Billy Joel

10. Dancing in the street- David Bowie & Mick Jagger

9. Livin’ on a prayer- Bon Jovi

8. Summer of ’69- Bryan Adams

7. My Way- Frank Sinatra

6. Don’t Stop me now- Queen

5. Let’s Dance- David Bowie

4. Lady in Red- Chris de Burgh

3. Waterloo- Abba

2. You Sexy Thing- Hot Chocolate

1. Stayin’ Alive- Bee Gees




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