Coke Bottle Tires?

Coke Bottle Tires?

Coke Bottle Tires?

File this one under “Too Much Time To Waste.”

A Russian YouTube hacker decided to see what would happen if he made a ‘tire’ out of plastic Coke bottles. The bottles were full and in the video, which is dubbed over in English, the man explains attempting to freeze the bottles first.

Finally, he tapes the bottles to the wheel frame and tapes 18 bottles to it. The first attempt has the tape pulling apart, but he’s not deterred. Just use more tape, like your father would say.

Mind you, this is the same man who attempted to make engine pistons out of wood. Nonetheless, this YouTube star at least reminds you, if you find yourself without a spare, but you have a case of coke in the trunk and tape, you may be able to make it to a garage.

Who thinks of this stuff???
Image provided by Pixabay


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