Black Bears In Pennsylvania

Black Bears In Pennsylvania

Black Bears In Pennsylvania

Most of us have seen a bear in Pennsylvania at least once. I’ve seen bears crossing roads three times and I hit one two years ago. OUCH!

What most of us don’t expect is to go out in the backyard and encounter one. Young bears, males and mommas with cubs could be seeking food. Some things to remember: if you live semi rural and there have been reports of possible bear sightings, don’t leave a meal out. In short, do not fill bird feeders or leave out trashcans.

More and more stories seem to involve dogs and bears. If you have a “visitor” do not let your dog out to roam. Bears will tend to stay away from a a chained dog than a loose one. Avoid, if you can, taking or walking the dog at dawn or dusk as that is when bears tend to be most active.

And what happens if you encounter a bear? PennLive has you covered wit things you should and shouldn’t do.

It’s easy to forget that we are the intruder as humans are moving farther away from the city. Even city and ‘suburban’ areas are reporting more and more bear sightings. Making a food source difficult for a bear is key to deterring them from a return visit. And don’t forget, always report bear sightings to the Game Commission so that they can inspect and possibly trap and relocate the big guy (or girl) to a new home away from people.

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