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NYC Celebrates Bowie With Metrocards (And More)

One more reason to hit the Big Apple this spring…Metrocards depicting David Bowie. NYC is celebrating David Bowie, that’s reason enough to get there! First, the Brooklyn Museum is housing his art collection, David Bowie Is, which has toured the world, until July 15th. Tickets for his art show is $20 on the weekdays and […]

Amazon’s CEO is expanding his house in DC

Apparently the package shipping and purchasing business is treating Jeff Bezos pretty good. Jeff is the CEO of a little company you’ve probably heard of called “Amazon”.  And now it’s been revealed that Bezos has plans to renovate his mansion in our Nations Capital, Washington D.C. to include not 3 or 4, but 25 bathrooms.  […]

Central PA Police Take Elderly Man To Hospital To Visit Wife

An elderly man had no way to visit his wife who was admitted to the hospital. That’s where Montoursville Police Deputy Chief Bentley stepped in. PennLive has the story that was taken from Montoursville Police Dept’s Facebook page. Small town or not, Chief Bentley did a great thing that went above and beyond! It’s nice […]

Millennial’s say THIS is the greatest TV show of all time….

Of all the millions and billions of television shows that are running or have run, today’s millennial’s have spoken on the greatest.  After a survey by the site YouGov the group who reached adulthood in the 21st century said that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air topped the list!   Also making the list was The […]

Bees In Your Backyard

As the days get warmer, you may be noticing bees. We all know what bees do, but did you know we have about 400 species just in Pennsylvania? PennLive has hooked us up with a quick guide about our pollinating friends. And the Penn State Extension site offers more details including a Bloom Chart. Protecting […]

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